Learn English With Clifton

Learn English with Clifton

Clifton – wydanie kompletne 1 is the first volume of Belgian comic book series, originally written in French. Despite of that reasons, whole comicbook is throughout British. The list of British hints is very long. It starts with a cover, as Clifton is framed with Union Jack. In front of the flag of Great Britain you can find main character, Clifton, retired colonel of British counterespionage MI5 Cliftonwho loves 5 o’clock tea almost as much as solving criminal riddles. Deduction is his most powerful weapon, but he obviously also carries a gun. Britishness beams from this comicbook, you can even find few untranslated words in this Polish edition. Let this album carry the need of relations with British culture and need to learn English.

Subtitle of Clifton – wydanie kompletne 1 suggests that we are going to read the very first stories from Clifton chronology. And this is not going to happen because four stories that you can find are from 13 to 16 place of chronology. But in this strategy you can find brilliant plan of Egmont. A plan that stands on three legs. Firstly the story Czas przeszły złożony (Past Perfect Tense) take us to Clifton’s past. It starts in college, when our 15 years old hero solved his very first criminal riddle, through the spy mystery in British Army, where we can find him piloting Spitfire, to the present. It is a perfect spot to start with Clifton, and it guarantees a longer romance with the series.



In this volume, you can find Bédu becoming main artist of the series, the name is not a coincidence. He is the artist who created Hugo series, an artist who created very detailed fantastic and bizarre world. A plan is very simple. If the artist could simply sell whole new edition of redhead bard, why not to try with other series? This time Bernard Dumont (this is the artist’s real name) works on already created world. But you can find small and subtle differences between his and Turk’s drawings. Both artists have detailed sketches and dynamics in common. I find Bédu’s sketches little lighter but difference is merely noticeable and to be found only on exact watching. And there is plenty to watch.


And last, but not least, four histories that you can find in Clifton – wydanie kompletne 1 are brilliant. The person responsible for that is scenario man Bob de Groot. It is his creative that bring Bédu to the series. Turk simply hasn’t been able to draw two comicbooks at the same time. In every four stories we find action, flavoured with a British humour. Every story is a breathtaking rocket, of course you want to know what’s next. It is not forbidden to be a malcontent because it is a British way to rate things. You are not going to find multi-level, dramatic plot based on hero deconstruction in Clifton. But you don’t need it, just take a joyful ride with MI5 agent in his cabrio between beautiful green hills. Yes, this comicbook is a pure fun.


True False

  1. Clifton is a French-speaking Belgian agent T/F
  2. Clifton – wydanie zbiorcze 1 is a great reason to start Clifton series T/F
  3. Bédu is the best comicbook artist on the whole world T/F
  4. If you start reading Clifton series, you are not going to stop T/F
  5. Clifton comicbooks are pure fun T/F
  6. I can’t wait for a second volume T/F

Synonym Match

  1. Joyful                                                                    a. Ratiocination
  2. Deductiom                                                           b. Shining
  3. Breathtaking                                                        c. Foxy
  4. Brilliant                                                                 d. Esctatic
  5. Redhead                                                                e. Complaining
  6. Malcontent                                                            f. Heart-stopping



Make a discussion about Clifton being the best new series on Polish comicbook market.

Thanks to Egmont.

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