Pierwsze spojrzenie na SW THORS #1

THORS to jedna z serii, które wchodzą w skład Secret Wars. W rozwinięciu tego wpisu znajdziecie kilka planszy z pierwszego numeru, a także jego okładki (w tym warianty). Niektóre z nich są kompletnie szalone, ale mimo wszystko ciekawe.

Jesteście gotowi na uderzenie wielu młotów?

Oficjalna informacja prasowa:

This June, prepare to meet Battleworld’s steadfast police force, the Thors! Gods of Thunder, doling out justice with a crash of thunder and a crack of lightning. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at THORS #1 – a brand new Secret Wars series from blockbuster writer Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Thor) and Eisner-award winning artist Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong, Multiversity)! The chaos of Secret Wars requires a different kind of lawman. Welcome to the force – whenever there’s trouble on Battleworld, the Thors answer the call. Gods of Thunder from every universe, united in their quest to uphold the law. Keeping the peace, closing cases, and dispensing judgment with their mighty hammers! But a puzzling murder case on Battleworld has changed the rules. One that has the entire corps scrambling to find the murderer. But what they find could unravel the very fabric of reality!
Throg the Frog of Thunder, Beta Ray Thor, Thor Stormborn and many, many more hammer wielders from across the Marvel Universe take center stage to mettle out a new kind of justice. Prepare yourselves for a hard-hitting Marvel Comics police drama the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Bring the thunder this June when THORS #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices!

Thors_1_Anka_Gwen_of_Thunder_Variant Thors_1_Cover Thors_1_Keown_Variant Thors_1_MAOS_Delicious_Design_League_Variant Thors_1_Preview_1 Thors_1_Preview_2 Thors_1_Preview_3 Thors_1_Preview_4 Thors_1_Renaud_Ant-Sized_Variant

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