Ponad 1200 stron He-Mana

Dark Horse Comics zapowiada zbiorcze wydanie He-Mana, w sumie czytelnicy dostaną cegłę grubą na ponad 1200 stron!

Oficjalna informacja prasowa:

Following the critically acclaimed release of The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Dark Horse and Mattel have teamed up once again to deliver another must-have book in 2015: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Minicomic Collection.

The toy juggernaut Masters of the Universe and its subsequent action figure lines featured memorable pack-in minicomics that aided in playtime for children across the world. Clocking in at 1,232 pages, this impressive oversized hardcover collection features sixty-eight US releases, including all minicomics from the ’80s Masters of the Universe line, the ’80s Princess of Power line, and the ’80s and ’90s He-Man line, plus an introduction to the minicomics in the current Masters of the Universe Classics toy line—all in production order. Relive the illustrated adventures that fueled your imagination!

Premiera już w październiku, ruszył już preorder (m.in. na Amazonie). Kusząca jest też cena tego wydania, bo wynosi tylko 30 dolców.

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