Clifton tom 2

I think that English will forever  remain a foreign language for me, or I could say, alien. My education started in primary school and it will continue until the very end of my life, by which I mean death, of course. One of  the brightest moments of this education was getting an F for my semester assessment in second grade of high school. As I am looking for the best teacher, the best you can get is a native speaker, of course. Egmont is giving us one in a, let’s say, peculiar English handbook titled simply Clifton vol.2. While reading you will learn some vocabulary and, what’s most important, English culture. As this mustached blond loves solving riddles, this text contains gaps that you should fill with the opposite form of the verbs from the box below. Not all of the words are needed, but who knows, maybe you will use them someday.

agree    *    approve *   connect    *     continue   *  behave *             cover

fold  *   like *   load   *  lock        *       obey     *         pack      *          place

pronounce    *   prove    *   qualify   *    trust   *   understand        *        wrap

Learn English with Clifton – part 2

As I mentioned, this is my second lesson with Clifton, so my vocabulary is bigger than it was before. On that stage my biggest problem is pronunciation. My teacher bites his mustaches when I __________ such words as delete, bottle, or comfortable. It sounds disastrous when I break the melody of English language. As for him, you can find him flawless. Fluent in his speech and manner, but you can find also that he looses his temper regularly. Still you can find balance and smoothness, not only in Clifton’s lifestyle, but also in his environment. For example his cabriolet MG TD, which is more like his partner, is a perfect, stylish, little beauty. Of course it is red because red cars are the fastest. You will also find that the line of a body is smooth and shiny__________  Polish cars like FSO Polonez, the worst car ever. Of course this is only my opinion, but Jeremy Clarskon thinks the same.

Clifton tom 2

British megalomania

Actually, Egmont is lying to you. Clifton tom 2, the book that you can get is in fact not volume 2. But I think that you know already that you should __________  Polish publisher in this manner. The table of contents shows you that you are going to receive four stories: Matatou-Falaise, McGregor’s Clan, Death season, and Kiss of Cobra. Stories that are from 16 to 20 in Clifton’s chronology. The reason is simple, you can find a great cartoonist in this histories – Bedu, well known from his Hugo series. But if you know him only from comic books of the redhead bard, you are going to be ____________. You will find very detailed sketches rather than fantastic drawings of a fantastic world. Sorry guys, this is England, not Narnia. The other reason is that Bedu is not an original artist. He changed a little bit, the style of his outfit, but he couldn’t just take a very different approach towards art in Clifton series. Unfortunately, A kiss of Cobra is the last episode written and drawn by Bedu, who departed from Clifton series to create Hugo.

Clifton tom 2

Of course the comic book is not about Clifton series, the same way as United Kingdom is not England only. The Union Jack is a banner of union for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Only Southern Ireland stands beside. Look at the UK flag, what do you see? In the foreground we have a red St George’s Cross, and of course it can stand for Cliftone brightest point in comic book. Then we have a white diagonal St Andrew’s Cross, and it is a colonel’s maid Miss Patridge. And the red diagonal St Patrick’s Cross stands for the great characters like Clifton’s inquiring nephew, or beautiful Sarah Stone. Of course it is not all, because Union Jack wouldn’t be the same without the blue field. An equivalent of a clear sky in the comic book is a wanton character of Clifton’s series. And this is the most valuable reason why I am going to read the next volume.

Clifton tom 2

What is next? Hopefully, Egmont will continue a hardcover edition of Clifton and we will get another very funny but subtle volume of Clifton’s adventures. After Bedu’s departure from the series in 1995, Clifton was sent to oblivion, only to be resurrected in 2003 with Bob de Groot as a scenarist(who?) There is another possibility, Egmont will take us to the very beginning of this comic book published in 60’s. Really, I don’t care, just give me another volume, as fast as possible. OK, guys, the very last question, what is your favorite Metallica’s album, and why it isn’t the__________ album?


You can find Clifton comicbooks here.

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